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Driver Applicant

Background Check, Drug Testing, and DOT Physical Information Sheet

  1.  MVR
    1. To obtain a copy of your 7- year driving record (MVR):
      1. Please visit your local DMV or requested to have a non-certified copy online sent to you via email: https://www.colorado.gov/ dmv
      2. The cost will be approximately $9.00
  2. Drug Test
    1. PreCise Monitoring: 10370 Colorado Blvd, Thornton, CO 80229 303-920-5959
      1. Hours of Operation: Mondays – Friday (8:00AM-8:00PM)
      2. You will need a 10-panel rapid screen drug test: tests for amphetamine, benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, barbiturates, phencyclidine, alcohol, methadone, and propoxyphene.
      3. The test cost $30.00 ***
  3. DOT Physical
    1. Driver’s Choice Pine Creek Center 4755 Paris Street, Suite 150 Denver, CO 80239 720-538-2726
      1. Cost: $60 ***
      2. Hours of Operation: Walk-ins are welcome Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm; however, you are welcome to make an appointment on their website: www.dotphysical-exam.com
  4. Fingerprinting
    1. You will need to pre-enroll and schedule an appointment to have their fingerprints taken and submitted electronically to CBI for processing utilizing the following enrollment sites:
      1. First you will be required to: preregister with either IdentoGo or Colorado Fingerprinting
        1. IndentoGO: information is available at identogo.com/locations/colorado.
          1. Begin the process at https://uenroll.identogo.com/ or contact their toll-free call center at (844) 539-5539, provide the following Service Code: 25YQ2S to complete pre-enrollment and schedule an appointment.
        2. Colorado Fingerprinting: information at coloradofingerprinting.com/cabs Select “I Need to Get Fingerprinted” and “Click Here to Register & Proceed”. When asked, enter the appropriate service code: 0899TRAI for other transportation drivers. For more information, please call their office at: 720-292-2722 Document Ref: TK3JY-ZVPPE-SRKDG-JEYRK.The customer service representative/system will provide you with the directions to the enrollment center, notification of specific photo ID requirements, and an email confirmation summarizing all appointment specifics.
      2. Secondly, attend the enrollment appointment: During the enrollment appointment at the appointment, enrollment technician will perform ID verification, fingerprint, photo, and signature capture, in compliance with CBI and FBI requirements.
      3. Processing Time: Typically, less than 24 hours.
      4. Fees: All fee’s including CBI, FBI if applicable, and enrollment fee will be collected by the enrollment agent from you via credit/debit, in addition to the required CBI/FBI fee ($39.50), there is a $10.00 processing fee. Total payment will be $49.50
      5. Payment Options:
        1. IndentoGO: Credit & debit cards (card holder must be present) money order, cashier check or business check. NO CASH, NO PERSONAL CHECKS & NO COMBINED PAYMENTS Payment will be processed at the facility where you do your fingerprints.
        2. Colorado Fingerprinting: ONLY Debit or Credit card, payment will be processed online at the time of making your appointment.
      6. Lastly, after fingerprinting: you will be provided a system generated receipt including transaction details as well as a link to the IdentoGo website to check status. You will also be able to check status by contacting their call center and providing the transactions details located on the receipt – Be sure to provide a copy of your receipt to Caring Hands Transport
    2. What to do if your fingerprints are rejected:
      1. In rare instances, fingerprints are rejected for print quality, IdentoGo services will automatically notify you via your preferred method of contact (email or phone) with automated links to reschedule an appointment at no charge.
    3. How soon will you hear back from Caring Hands Transport: Before a potential driver is approved to drive, they must submit their fingerprints to IdentoGo.
      1. Once we submit your packet (which will be the same at this time minus the card, VECHS form, and money order) and all things are satisfactory, Intelliride will check the database to review the potential driver’s fingerprint background check and you will hear from us within 72 business hours.

        *** you will receive reimbursement after 180 days of employment***


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